Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Ant Attack 3D

I just can't get away from messing with a perfectly good past! Ant Attack on the spectrum broke new ground with it's isometric soft-solid graphics. It had a cult following and is still remembered fondly by many to this day.

So where does the messing come in? Well I suddenly though, "what if, you took the game, kept it pretty much untouched, but put it on a modern PC with a 3D graphics card? You'd actually be able to step into the city of Antescher and wonder round"

Exhibit A - the isometric view on Antescher.

(1024x768 111kb gif)

There are other conversions of Ant Attack around, which is all well and good. But I think they've missed one of the key aspects. The Cool look and feel of the original.

There was a certain aspect to the stark monochrome that reminds me of those odd concept sci-fi movies of the 70s. The ones where an hour can pass with 3 lines of dialog spoken but lots of atmospheric background music.

Sandy's an artist and a sculptor, so the strong visual theme was not accidental. So to try and "update" the game with modern flashy graphics is removing one if it's strongest facets. It becomes just another run round a landscape game.

Exhibit B - a first person perspective

(1024x768 56kb gif)

Here, we are stepping into the world. I'm hoping that what I'm building here is the ability to get into the original game, just like sticking a 3D card directly into the Spectrum itself. The game itself is the same, but with more graphical horse power.

Exhibit C - one of the many buildings

(1024x768 56kb gif)

There we have it, I'll be posting more progress reports as I work on the code. Maybe even a download soon :)


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