Friday, June 04, 2004

[Ant Attack] Snags

Natch, just when you think you have everything worked out!

I was hoping to give an update on how the Ant Tracking Player thing's worked out but I've had no time to deal with it. I was also going to post a few more screen shots, but again that'll have to wait until this weekend. Deadlines, dontcha' just hate 'em.

In the mean time, here's a To Do list...

To Do

  1. Take (and post) more screen shots.

  2. Tune Ant Hunting skills.

  3. Move the map "data" into folders, so you can pick different maps.

  4. Post about maps (because they are cool!)

  5. Screen shots of maps in action.

  6. Add the Girl/Boy to be rescued.

  7. Add damage status.

  8. Release Tech Demo.

  9. Add weapon.

  10. Add Options screen.

  11. Release Alpha Demo.

  12. Drink tea.


At 27 June 2004 at 00:52, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi Ms M Cat,

I know I'm probably being a numb nut, but when the zip extracts and I click on the 'Ant Attack' icon, the screen goes blank for a mo and then returns to normal. No Ant Attack!!! Any suggestions?


BTW XP Pro and ATI 9800


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