Wednesday, June 23, 2004

[Ant Attack] Todo List (hope I don't get sued)

Right, I'm going to release an Alpha Hardware test soon but I have a couple of loose ends to tidy up first. Thought I'd better jot down the outstanding things before I forget them. Not all of these are to be done before I upload a download thought!

  1. Fix map reading bug when running in 16bit mode
  2. Add a "loading" message when loading in a map
  3. Add a "Game Over" message when you die
  4. Add a time limit
  5. Work out a better way to display health, time etc.
  6. "Stun" the ants for a short while when you jump on them :)
  7. Upload file for people to download.
  8. Add the person you're supposed to be rescuing, thus adding a point to the whole game
  9. Add grenades so you can fend the ants off, this will stun them for a long time, but not kill them.
  10. Allow you to change maps from within the game rather than the .ini file
  11. Add an optional .ini file for each map so you can set the timelimit

I think that'll do for the moment.


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