Tuesday, July 13, 2004

[Ant Attack] Where everything is at

Well, been a while since the last update. Two reasons for this, one I've been busy. Two, it keeps the link to the download post at the top of the Blog :) I'll hack the template about a little to add a permanent link somewhere over on the right soon.

Anyway, I've spent the last few days taking a much needed break from coding and instead I've been knocking together interface graphics. They're not all in there yet, there's still the loading and building progress bars, better health etc. interface and credits screens, overall though it's looking much more like a game!

Here's a couple of screenies...

800x600 45kb gif

800x600 58kb gif

Once those graphics are done I'm going to add the grenades in and then work on the ant and player models, that'll take me a couple of weeks just to get up to speed with Max!

Phew, hard work!


At 15 July 2004 at 08:52, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello again!

Thanks for the kinds words re Midnight/MU. I'm behind schedule again (having vowed to forsake all deadlines I rashly went and promised the testers a new beta release at the start of July. Guess what...). I imagine that the game will go "live" sometime in september this year, although it will be at another web address, something a little catchier than the test site!

I'll post a comment on the Midnight/MU forum so that the testers can know all about your great conversion - most are Spectrum fans of old and will have played AA.

Take care,

At 20 July 2004 at 20:55, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ant Attack is looking lovely. I was just thinking, being that today is Flying ant season, that flying ants would add a bit of variety and extra difficulty for later levels.

For example, the first appearance of flying ants could get very tired after flying so they do it in shorter bursts and can only fly over level 1 blocks. Later in the game maybe there are some stronger ones that can fly a little longer and also fly a little higher?

I guess you'd need some rules if you did, such as reducing their turning circle while flying, should they only land on the ground or could they land on a block etc.

And how about different types of ants (with subtle shades to distinguish them) like soldier ants that are a little more aggressive than the bog standard and a little harder to kill maybe?

I guess there are loads of ideas for ways to adapt the Ant Attack game but I suppose it depends how many changes you want to make to the original. Hope you don't mind me throwing some ideas around. :)

Andy H

At 25 July 2004 at 08:17, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Epileptic Jo here (grin!)

Well, how about just a checkbox for turning the red flashing thingy off then?

I liked the idea with the flying ants.

Great work, Modesty!



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