Sunday, August 15, 2004

[General] Guardian Games Blog

Just jotting! Finially came across the Guardian Games Blog, dunno how that slipped past me for so long.

Normally I turn to Bluesnews for all gaming news, it's a great aggregator and I normally click on all the Tech Info links to follow up the tech stories and find out the latest Game Release info, but it tends to not push an opinion on things, which is an editorial decision I believe.

Recently I've been reading because it's small, light, fluffy and you can leave comments. That last bit is quite important to me as it increases the usefulness of a site ten fold, just because other people can expand on the information and add links and sometimes put the other side of an argument.

I read and both cover gadgets, but takes the edge because of the comments.

On the other hand, I avoid message boards and full blow communities because, frankly they just suck time away from you hard and fast. So many people say so much stuff, most of which I want to comment on that I could happily be there all day and not get anything else done, and boy do I have a lot of everything else to get done!

Anyway, back to that Guardian Blog, not really found anything to comment on yet but I'm sure I'll be adding my thoughts sooner or later.


At 31 August 2004 at 14:10, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I always like The Magic Box for basic news about new releases etc. the no frills approach really works for me.

At 10 September 2004 at 08:55, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What exactly has "What Modesty Did Next" ? from a flurry of blogg entries to zip - nadda - nothin

Dam where are you girl ?

At 27 September 2004 at 07:27, Anonymous Anonymous said...

are you still there ????

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